Uhm, yeah. I have refused to reblog anything about the HATE attack Jared’s getting from some delusional people claiming he’s a misogynist and since tumblr has become a really toxic environment tonight (whilst we should all be just happy with all the things we got from the SDCC), I’M OUT. I’ll be back some time tomorrow. Adios.

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“I raise you from perdition. Caw Caw!”

Jared impersonating Cas at Nerd HQ (via awederek)


one last thing that i need before i die- i need a good quality clip of the gag reel so that i can see what jensen does to jared in the “don’t make me lick your face” scene

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All other fandoms today after the Supernatural SDCC panel + s10 preview


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Supernatural S10
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Sam's dimples
Dean's lips
Castiel's voice
Hurt!Sam & Hurt!Dean
Padackles + Mishalecki :3

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