demonliciousdean asked: Hello there. i was just wondering where you heard that we were getting the 2 season 10 promos and gag reel for season 9. I am so excited but I just hope it's true! And also if we are getting them, when would we get them?

I … didn’t? I don’t know anything about promos but it’s a habit that every year at the SDCC we get a sneak peek of the specific season’s gag reel and a short scene from the following season and this is definitely happening again this time. We MIGHT get a trailer but there’s no guarantee there will be new scenes in that one. We’re gonna find out in 2 days! :)

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Anonymous asked: Hi, I'm starting a spn family of my own, and i was wondering what the html code for your spn family page? thank u

Check the bottom right of the page and you’re gonna get to the blog of the creator. I think you’ll find it there :)

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lookingforafantasyandanangel asked: Can I be lilith please? It's my friends joke that i'm cute on the outside and evil on the inside, hence they call me lilith XD

Hehehe :P Yup, you can ;) You’re Lilith !

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endversesam asked: Can I be Lucifer!Sam (or Meta!Genevieve) in your SPN family? :)

You got it, babe ;)) Lucifer!Sam ‘s yours!!! ^^

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rednikjow asked: Can I claim Dean Smith (even if I hate that cosplay because HOLY FUCK SO MANY LAYERS) <3

Yes!!! Of course, dear Sandra <333 Dean Smith is all yours!!! :3 Please send me a 1-2 sentences long description of you (or a fav spn quote of yours) so I can add it on the icon :)

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probie-wan-kenobi asked: Hey! Can I be in your SPN family as Army!Dean from Charlie's nightmare in Pac-Man Fever please?

I didn’t have that version of Dean on the page but I will add it :) So, Army!Dean is yours <3

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let-yourself-drown asked: oh, sorry, it wasn't occupied last i saw :c then Gadreel!Sam would be good ^^

No problem ;) Gadreel!Sam is yours <3

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ilovethemoose asked: Hi Hon! I was trying to apply to be part of your SPN family but it wouldn't let me so I just thought I would message you! Could I be Soulless Sam? Or if that is taken, I'll taken any other incarnation of Sam. I DON'T CARE AS LONG AS IT'S SAM! When I see which one it is I'll send a quote or something. Thanks!<3

Hellooooooooo :3 Soulless!Sam it is then <3 You got him ^_^ Let me know what to write in your description ;)

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~ Jared Padalecki aka life ruiner aka I’m sexy and I know it ~

*and I’m killing you with my sex appeal* ✖‿✖

for Kaz

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I’ll be afk for an hour or 2 hours. Keep sending me messages for entering “My Supernatural Family”. I already have about 7 unanswered asks/requests but I’ll answer them when I get back. *ily all* Please, when you send me a request, don’t forget to include a short description of yourself (1-2 sentences) or a fav spn quote.

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